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Case Study: Enable Designers to Learn AI Better with AI Learning Kit


A. Let's Start with The Why?

It has been nearly seven months since the so-called AI Revolution begun, which is driven by the resurgence of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT by OpenAI, BERT by Google, Claude 2 by Anthropic and more. To put it simply, we used to see this intriguing technologies as chatbots. But, Microsoft's $10B investment on OpenAI's ChatGPT says otherwise – it's not just a chatbot, it's the foundation of future virtual assistants that is capable to par the likes of Samantha in Joaquin Phoenix's 2013 movie Her.

In fact, as I write this post, some indie game developers out there are already integrating LLMs with classic Stardew Valley-like games, even Skyrim mod as well which changed the way we interact with NPCs and make the world much more immersive, even for classic games with 8-bit graphics. All of this crazy milestones are achieved in less than a year, which is mindboggling and inspiring. Now, imagine what we can do in a decade?

Therefore, the question is what does LLM have to do with design?. Well, similar to other fields, one of the purpose of LLMs itself is to help eliminate redundant tasks or activities, or in other words, streamlining the process. If you remember, ChatGPT and BERT's narrative is to enable users to be more efficient and effective in searching information where both LLMs are providing users with summarized answers that could save user's time by a lot. I mean, Googling in itself is a skill of writing the right questions, added with relevant parameters and reference that not everyone fully realized, yet capable to do. Therefore, it's not odd when you see someone said "Wait, where did you find those information?. Why couldn't I find it?"

Moreover, as early adopters began to chime in and get their hands wet, the case study of LLMs also grew from information searching to generative art (Midjourney, DALL-E and more), coding peers (OverflowAI and Github Copilot), knowledge search engine (PerplexityAI) and more. Such an interesting times right?. However, the next question is what about design?

Well, here's the AI Learning Kit for Designers content preview and use cases that I wrote, compile and publish on Notion!


B. Where Can I Access The Learning Kit?


C. Learnings

My purpose in writing this kit is to empower and equip designers and creative minds alike with the skills and knowledge to improve your design process much more efficient with AI's assistance. But, why?

The mindset here is that AI will not supplant human roles; rather, it is those who successfully integrate AI into their skill set who may outpace the rest. As such, it's never too late to acquire new skills and adapt. Therefore, I hope this article serves as a catalyst for continued learning and exploration for everyone. Onwards!

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